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Sunshine Reggae (1998)

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1DillingerCocaine in My Brain00:02:09
2Bob MarleyLively up Yourself00:02:47Bob Marley
3Yellowman and the ParagonsLet Me Rock You00:04:05
4Crucial VibesRebel Man00:03:54
5Gregory IsaacsMe Nah Leggo00:03:49
6The ParagonsDirty Streets00:03:25
7Leonard DillonFeed the Fire (Fan the Flame)00:03:22
8John HoltEverybody Needs Love00:02:34
9Cornell CampellGot to Tell the People00:03:03
10Toots and the MaytalsOh Yeah00:02:44
11Judge DreadJe t'aime00:02:37Serge Gainsbourg
12Prince AllahMama Don't Fight00:02:39
13Dennis BrownYou Are Sugar and Spice00:03:39
14David CurleyReggae Fever00:03:22
15GreyhoundStand for Our Rights00:02:44
16Lee PerryStand for Our Rights00:02:44
17Philip FrazerCome Ethiopian00:03:33
18Jimmy CliffYeah-Ho, Treat the Youths Right00:05:09
18 00:58:19 

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1Yellowman and the ParagonsFull Metal Jacket00:03:44
2Desmond Dekker and the AcesThe Israelites00:02:38Desmond Dekker, Leslie Kong
3Carol CoolUpside Down00:03:20
4Toots and the MaytalsI Need Your Love00:03:11
5Bob MarleyDuppy Conqueror00:03:34
6Leonard DillonDread Prophesy00:03:35
7Ricky GrantWho Art Babylon00:02:28
8The ParagonsPositive Movements00:03:32
9The HeptonesThe Same Song00:03:13
10GreyhoundUnchained Melody00:04:05Alex North, Hy Zaret
11John HoltPeacemaker00:03:30
12Gregory IsaacsIn the Heart of the City00:03:43
13DillingerCrabs in My Pants00:02:57
14Cornell CampbellTrick in the Book00:03:23
15Dennis BrownYou Are My Honey00:03:48
16Lou ThommGreen, Green Grass of Home00:04:54
17Roman StewartYour Arms00:03:55
18Jimmy CliffWonderful World, Beautiful People00:06:12
18 01:05:42 

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1Judge DreadBig Six00:02:50
2Bob MarleyTreat You Right00:02:18
3Leonard DillonTrain to Skaville00:02:53
4Toots and the MaytalsAlidina00:02:32
5The ParagonsLife Spoilers00:03:37
6Yellowman and the ParagonsDedicated to You00:03:53
7The HeptonesNice Me Nice00:02:57
9John HoltHere I Come00:03:06
10DillingerMarijuana in My Brain00:03:13
11Crucial VibesChantdown Racialism00:04:03
12The Black ArksCome Along00:03:18
13Cornell CampbellEverybody Want Promotion00:03:02
14Dennis BrownWolga Nagga Fire00:03:20
15Prince AllahSun is Shining00:03:03
16Lee PerryRoast Fish & Cornbread00:03:40
17Susan RudyOnly Heaven Can Wait00:04:01
18Jimmy CliffMany Rivers to Cross00:04:31
18 00:59:35 

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1Inner CircleBad Boys00:08:05
2Gregory IsaacsBrother Don't Give Up00:03:42
3Leonard DillonWoman of Babylon00:03:12
4Bob MarleyNatural Mystic00:05:46Bob Marley
5Toots and the MaytalsI Shall Be Free00:04:05
6The ParagonsCome a Little Closer00:03:36
7Susan CadoganLove Me00:03:47
8The HeptonesDrift Away00:03:04Mentor Williams
9Desmond Dekker and the AcesIt Mek00:02:27Desmond Dekker, Leslie Kong
10GreyhoundHold on to Your Happiness00:03:34
11John HoltParty Time00:03:36
12DillingerFlat Foot Hustlin'00:02:36
13Cornell CampbellThe Drifter00:04:04
14Dennis BrownWoman, I Tell You No Lie00:03:34
15Roman StewartJealously00:03:24
16The Soul TrainThree Little Birds00:02:55
17Ruddy ThomasKey to the World00:04:43
18Jimmy Cliff3rd World People00:05:35
18 01:11:45