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Marilyn Manson - Smells like Children (1995)

CD Folder: 4m128, 4m130

1Marilyn MansonThe Hands of Small Children00:01:36
2Marilyn MansonDiary of a Dope Fiend00:05:56
3Marilyn MansonShitty Chicken Gang Bang00:01:19
4Marilyn MansonKiddy Grinder00:04:24
5Marilyn MansonSympathy for the Parents00:01:01
6Marilyn MansonSweet Dreams (Are Made of This)00:04:52
7Marilyn MansonEverlasting Cocksucker00:05:15
8Marilyn MansonFuck Frankie00:01:48
9Marilyn MansonI Put a Spell on You00:03:37Herb Slotkin, Jay Hawkins
10Marilyn MansonMay Cause Discoloration of the Urine or Feces00:03:59
11Marilyn MansonScabs, Guns and Peanut Butter00:01:01
12Marilyn MansonDance of the Dope Hats00:04:40
13Marilyn MansonWhite Trash00:02:48
14Marilyn MansonDancing with the One-Legged...00:00:46
15Marilyn MansonRock 'n' Roll Nigger00:03:32
16Marilyn MansonUntitled00:08:20
16 00:54:54