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Murdification Musical Services - Hooked on Gospel Vol. 2 (1992)

CD Folder: 5m7, 5m8

1Murdification Musical ServicesHe's the Saviour of My Soul00:01:45
2Murdification Musical ServicesAmazing Grace00:01:05John Newton
3Murdification Musical ServicesHe Touched Me00:01:00
4Murdification Musical ServicesHe Lives00:00:41
5Murdification Musical ServicesSomething Beautiful00:01:28
6Murdification Musical ServicesHe is Lord00:01:19
7Murdification Musical ServicesOh Come Let Us Adore Him00:00:37
8Murdification Musical ServicesLord You're Beautiful00:00:27
9Murdification Musical ServicesJesus, Jesus Lord to Me00:00:45
10Murdification Musical ServicesWe Have Come into This Place00:01:15
11Murdification Musical ServicesAll Hail King Jesus00:00:40
12Murdification Musical ServicesOh How I Love Jesus00:01:15
13Murdification Musical ServicesSpirit of the Living God00:01:39
14Murdification Musical ServicesWhere the Spirit of the Lord Is00:01:23
15Murdification Musical ServicesSweet, Sweet Spirit00:02:39
16Murdification Musical ServicesAll over the World00:01:47
17Murdification Musical ServicesHoly Spirit00:01:23
18Murdification Musical ServicesJust as I Am00:01:25
19Murdification Musical ServicesJesus I Come00:01:01
20Murdification Musical ServicesABBA Father00:00:46
21Murdification Musical ServicesLord Make Me Like You00:00:58
22Murdification Musical ServicesLord Make Me an Instrument00:01:28
23Murdification Musical ServicesAs the Deer00:01:07
24Murdification Musical ServicesI Need Thee Every Hour00:00:47
25Murdification Musical ServicesOh Perfect Love00:01:23
26Murdification Musical ServicesA New Commandment00:01:44
27Murdification Musical ServicesThis is My Commandment00:01:02
28Murdification Musical ServicesBind Us Together00:02:13
29Murdification Musical ServicesThe King is Coming00:04:39
30Murdification Musical ServicesJesus is Coming Again00:02:13
30 00:41:54