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TitleAuthorTracks on AlbumsAlias
The Day the World Went AwayTrent Reznor2
The Decision Tree1
The Decision Tree (We're Alive)Arjen Anthony Lucassen1
The Demon Strikes1
The Dentist1
The Dolphins1
The DoomedBilly Howerdel, Maynard James Keenan1
The Drapery Fall1
The Dream DissolvesArjen Anthony Lucassen1
The DrowningJoel J. Richard, Tyler Bates1
The Emerald WidowerArisjel, Eldron2
The End Begins1
The End FallsChris Burda, Martin Grimm1
The End of the Beginning (A Saucerful of Secrets)1
The End Where We Begin - That Thought You Lost at Home1