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Eclipsed Rock Magazin Highlights 2013 (2013)

CD Folder: 9m161

Eclipsed SamplerEclipsed Rock Magazin 69Eclipsed Rock Magazin Highlights 2013Eclipsed Rock Magazin Highlights 2014
1Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused to Sing
00:08:09Steven Wilson
2Dream TheaterThe Enemy Inside00:06:16
3HakenCockroach King00:08:15
4Monster MagnetMindless One00:05:31
5The Besnard LakesAt Midnight00:05:45
6Anna von HausswolffMountains Crave00:03:35
7RiversideDeprived (Irretrievable Lost Imagination)00:08:26
8Spock's BeardHiding Out00:07:14
9The Low Frequency in StereoElevated / Desecrated00:03:48
10Bosnian RainbowsMother, Father, Set Us Free00:06:55
11Rose WindowsNative Dreams00:06:18
11 01:10:12