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Roger Waters - Amused to Death (25th Anniversary Edition) (2015)

CD Folder: 11m3, 9m299

1Roger WatersThe Ballad of Bill Hubbard00:04:20Roger Waters
2Roger WatersWhat God Wants (Part 1)00:06:00Roger Waters
3Roger WatersPerfect Sense (Part 1)00:04:14Roger Waters
4Roger WatersPerfect Sense (Part 2)00:02:51Roger Waters
5Roger WatersThe Bravery of Being out of Range00:04:44Roger Waters
6Roger WatersLate Home Tonight (Part 1)00:04:01Roger Waters
7Roger WatersLate Home Tonight (Part 2)00:02:12Roger Waters
8Roger WatersToo Much Rope00:05:47Roger Waters
9Roger WatersWhat God Wants (Part 2)00:03:39Roger Waters
10Roger WatersWhat God Wants (Part 3)00:04:08Roger Waters
11Roger WatersWatching TV00:06:06Roger Waters
12Roger WatersThree Wishes00:06:52Roger Waters
13Roger WatersIt's a Miracle00:08:30Roger Waters
14Roger WatersAmused to Death00:09:06Roger Waters
14 01:12:30