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Aretha Franklin - Jazz to Soul

CD Folder: 2m249, 2m251, 2m252


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1Aretha FranklinToday I Sing the Blues00:02:49
2Aretha Franklin(Blue) By Myself00:02:43
3Aretha FranklinMaybe I'm a Fool00:03:19
4Aretha FranklinAll Night Long00:03:07
5Aretha FranklinBlue Holiday00:02:57
6Aretha FranklinNobody like You00:02:26
7Aretha FranklinSweet Lover00:03:24
8Aretha FranklinJust for a Thrill00:02:36
9Aretha FranklinIf Ever I Would Leave You00:04:11
10Aretha FranklinOnce in a While00:02:34
11Aretha FranklinThis Bitter Earth00:04:38
12Aretha FranklinGod Bless the Child00:03:06
13Aretha FranklinSkylark00:04:07
14Aretha FranklinMuddy Water00:02:27
15Aretha FranklinDrinking Again00:03:31
16Aretha FranklinWhat a Difference a Day Makes00:03:34Maria Grever, Stanley Adams
17Aretha FranklinUnforgettable00:03:44
18Aretha FranklinLove for Sale00:02:34
19Aretha FranklinMisty00:03:41Erroll Garner
20Aretha FranklinImpossible00:03:40
21Aretha FranklinThis Could Be the Start of Something00:01:25
21 01:06:33 

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1Aretha FranklinWon't Be Long00:03:22
2Aretha FranklinOperation Heartbreak00:03:02
3Aretha FranklinSoulville00:02:29
4Aretha FranklinRunnin' Out of Fools00:02:45
5Aretha FranklinTrouble in Mind00:02:59
6Aretha FranklinWalk on By00:02:55
7Aretha FranklinEvery Little Bit Hurts00:02:53
8Aretha FranklinMockingbird00:02:52
9Aretha FranklinYou'll Lose a Good Thing00:02:40
10Aretha FranklinCry like a Baby00:02:16
11Aretha FranklinTake It like You Give It00:01:57
12Aretha FranklinLand of Dreams00:02:17
13Aretha FranklinCan't You Just See Me00:02:08
14Aretha Franklin(No, No) I'm Losing You00:03:12
15Aretha FranklinBit of Soul00:02:25
16Aretha FranklinWhy Was I Born?00:02:54
17Aretha FranklinUntil You Were Gone00:03:19
18Aretha FranklinLee Cross00:03:21
18 00:49:46