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The Bloodhound Gang - Use Your Fingers (1995)

CD Folder: 3m225, 3m226

1Rip TaylorRip Taylor Is God00:01:23
2The Bloodhound GangWe Are the Knuckleheads00:02:39
3The Bloodhound GangLegend in My Spare Time00:03:06
4The Bloodhound GangB.H.G.P.S.A.00:00:23
5The Bloodhound GangMama Say00:03:00
6The Bloodhound GangKids in America00:04:23Marty Wilde, Ricki Wilde
7The Bloodhound GangYou're Pretty When I'm Drunk00:03:57
8The Bloodhound GangThe Evils of Placenta Hustling00:00:19
9The Bloodhound GangOne Way00:03:06
10The Bloodhound GangShitty Record Offer00:00:59
11The Bloodhound GangGo Down00:02:26
12The Bloodhound GangEarlameyer the Butt Pirate00:00:09
13The Bloodhound GangNo Rest for the Wicked00:02:50
14The Bloodhound GangShe Ain't Got No Legs00:02:29
15The Bloodhound GangWe Like Meat00:00:04
16The Bloodhound GangCoo Coo Ca Choo00:02:37
17The Bloodhound GangRang Dang00:03:02
18The Bloodhound GangNightmare at the Apollo00:00:57
19The Bloodhound GangK.I.D.S. Incorporated00:02:21
20The Bloodhound GangHidden Track00:00:48
20 00:40:58