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The Dubliners - Millenium Collection (1998)

CD Folder: 5m25, 5m27, 5m28


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1The DublinersThe Wild Rover00:02:49Traditional
2The DublinersThe Auld Triangle00:02:56Dominic Behan
3The DublinersHome Boys Home00:03:25Traditional
4The DublinersThe Lifeboat Mona00:04:01Peggy Seeger
5The DublinersDanny Farrell00:03:31Pete St. John
6The DublinersThe Mero00:02:57Pete St. John
7The DublinersAnd the Band Played Waltzing Matilda00:06:20Eric Bogle
8The DublinersSkibbereen00:03:10Patrick Carpenter
9The DublinersFree the People00:03:14
10The DublinersJoe Hill00:02:49Alfred Hayes, Earl Robinson
11The DublinersFarewell to Ireland
12The DublinersBiddy Mulligan00:02:03Seamas Kavanagh
13The DublinersFiddlers Green00:03:37
14The DublinersAll for Me Grog00:02:19
15The DublinersDirty Old Town00:02:56Ewan MacColl
16The DublinersChampion at Keeping them Rolling00:02:46
17The DublinersFoggy Dew00:04:53Canon Charles O’Neill
18The DublinersSaxon Schilling00:01:50
18 00:57:58 

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1The DublinersSeven Drunken Nights00:03:21Traditional
2The DublinersDonegal Danny00:05:43
3The DublinersSmith of Bristol00:02:31
4The DublinersThe Town I Loved So Well00:06:27Phil Coulter
5The DublinersMcAlpine's Fusiliers00:04:02Dominic Behan
6The DublinersWhiskey in the Jar00:02:29Traditional
7The DublinersThe Molly McGuires00:02:01
8The DublinersLord of the Dance00:02:07
9The DublinersThe Holy Ground00:02:30Traditional
10The DublinersJohnston's Motor Car00:01:51Willy Gillespie
11The DublinersNight Visiting Song00:03:28
12The DublinersMonto00:02:25George Desmond Hodnett
13The DublinersThe Button Pusher00:03:11
14The DublinersSpringhill Disaster00:04:02Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger
15The DublinersParcel of Rogues00:04:22James Hogg, Robert Burns
16The DublinersThe Sun is Burning00:03:36
17The DublinersSpancil Hill00:04:05Michael Considine
18The DublinersKid on the Mountain00:03:12
18 01:01:23