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ArtistAlbumAscendingDescendingYearAscendingDescendingCDsAscendingDescendingDVDsAscendingDescendingTracksAscendingDescendingTimeAscendingDescendingCD FolderAscendingDescending
Van MorrisonIt's Alright101401:01:094m239, 4m240
The Isley BrothersLegends102000:46:434m231, 4m232
Black SabbathBlack Mass10400:17:296m223, 6m224
Ella FitzgeraldThe Best Is Yet to Come203502:33:407m21, 7m22, 7m23
Various ArtistsSchmusehits 3304802:32:025m13, 5m14, 5m15, 5m16, 5m17, 5m18
Various ArtistsGood Morning Vietnam306003:17:214m207, 4m208, 4m209, 4m210, 4m211, 4m212
Various Artists50 Soul Hits205002:24:224m153, 4m155, 4m156
The 5th DimensionThe Very Best of the 5th Dimension102201:11:026m179, 6m180
Aretha FranklinJazz to Soul203901:56:192m249, 2m251, 2m252
Various ArtistsI'm Still in Love305003:22:133m141, 3m142, 3m143, 3m144, 3m145, 3m146
Various ArtistsThe Art of Sysyphus Vol. 1172022101000:49:5412m72
Various ArtistsEclipsed Rock Magazin Highlights 20212022101101:06:2712m80
Star OneRevel in Time2022202202:13:2412m69, 12m70, 12m71
Various ArtistsThe Art of Sysyphus Vol. 1122021101000:48:3912m37
Various ArtistsEclipsed Rock Magazin Highlights 20202021101101:05:3612m36