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ArtistAlbumAscendingDescendingYearAscendingDescendingCDsAscendingDescendingDVDsAscendingDescendingTracksAscendingDescendingTimeAscendingDescendingCD FolderAscendingDescending
Tom WaitsRain Dogs1985101900:54:051m99, 1m100
Sarah McLachlanRarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff1996101301:02:333m25, 3m26
Sarah McLachlanRarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff Volume 22008101401:02:208m88
David GilmourRattle That Lock2015111000:51:279m295, 11m1
Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)201311600:54:439m90, 11m44
MogwaiRave Tapes2014101000:48:539m167
Tom WaitsReal Gone2004101601:12:085m87, 5m88
Porcupine TreeRecordings200110901:01:536m120, 6m122
Counting CrowsRecovering the Satellites1996101400:59:215m181, 5m182
Various ArtistsA Red Seal Sampler1992101301:09:205m108
RammsteinReise, Reise2004101100:47:518m127, 8m128
Various ArtistsRejoice1992101401:14:043m121, 3m122
Pink FloydRelics1971101100:49:231m221, 1m222, 7m141, 7m142
Joan OsborneRelish1995101201:01:186m237, 6m238