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ArtistAlbumAscendingDescendingYearAscendingDescendingCDsAscendingDescendingDVDsAscendingDescendingTracksAscendingDescendingTimeAscendingDescendingCD FolderAscendingDescending
Lenny KravitzCircus1995101100:51:044m145, 4m146
Puscifer"C" Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here)200910600:28:5910m207, 10m208
Various ArtistsClair de Lune1988101100:52:016m263, 6m264
Manu ChaoClandestino1998101600:45:528m237, 8m238
ClannadClannad1973101300:44:039m113, 9m114
Frédéric ChopinClassical Gold199410901:00:422m83, 2m84
Nine Inch NailsCloser to God199410900:52:436m3, 6m4
Suzanne VegaClose-Up, Vol. 1, Love Songs2010101200:45:538m103, 8m104
Suzanne VegaClose-Up, Vol. 2, People & Places2010101300:48:058m301, 8m302
Suzanne VegaClose-Up, Vol. 3, States of Being2011101400:44:088m303, 8m304
Suzanne VegaClose-Up, Vol. 4, Songs of Family2012101400:47:439m93, 9m94
Tom WaitsClosing Time1973101200:45:531m113, 1m114
Led ZeppelinCoda198210800:33:026m107, 6m108
Massive AttackCollected2006101401:18:438m67, 8m68
Pink FloydA Collection of Great Dance Songs198110600:43:021m227, 1m228, 7m157, 7m158